About Us


  • MIG covers approximately 300 000 hectares within the shires of Mingenew and Irwin, with close to 200 farming businesses being active members.

    When formed

  • MIG was formed in 1997 based on a need for locally driven Research and Development. The group has grown substantially. In recent years MIG’s trial program has included approximately 70 trials, with up to 350 people attending field days throughout the year. The group now employs four staff who work on a variety of funded projects to provide services to members.


  • The group has a Research and Development committee and an Environmental Division.

  • Field trials and demonstrations are core business for the group.

  • MIG has three main focus areas:

    1. Research;

    2. Information, Education and Extension

    3. Environment.

Our Aims and Objectives

MIG’s aim is to “Promote and develop economic and environmentally sustainable agriculture through research, planning, monitoring and demonstrating best practice.

The core objectives of MIG are to:

  1. Manage the Research and Development Program to deliver relevant and timely benefits for members

  2. Maintain funding from multiple sources to efficiently and professionally and maintain reserves

  3. Manage intellectual property and grow the MIG brand to broaden access and funding

  4. Promote stewardship and understanding of issues impacting long term sustainability of agriculture

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