What is Soil acidification?

Soil acidification is a natural process, however modern farming systems accelerate the process through crop production. The full report on “Soil acidity management strategies throughout Western Australia” is now available here.

The project’s aims include:

* Give growers in Western Australia the capacity to understand and better manage the economic and environmental impacts on acidic soils.
*Give growers the knowledge and awareness of tools and information available to manage soil acidity.
*Growers to become better equipped through development of new tools and information to make effective adoption decisions to manage soil acidity.
*Growers maintaining viable farming systems through optimum management of their systems.

As part of the project, a lime calculator has been developed to increase the understanding and decision making of lime application and how it relates to soil acidity. The calculator will help to determine:

1. The amount of lime required to change the soil pH
2. The cashflow and profit of different liming options over a 10 year period
3. Pay back period
4. Initial rate of return
5. Net Present Value

To access the lime calculator, go to