MIG’s main trial site for 2018 is located on the Mingenew-Morawa Rd, approximately 15 km east of Mingenew townsite.

This site will be host to a range of trials including the following:

1. Yardstick trial (varying nutrition on varieties in wheat, barley and canola). (MIG and GRDC)
2. Bayer herbicide trial (Bayer)
3. Canola NVT (GRDC, Living Farm)
4. Wheat NVT (GRDC, Living Farm)
5. Barley NVT (GRDC, Living Farm)
6. Post Emergent Radish (Syngenta)
7. Chickpea NVT (GRDC, DPIRD)
8. Field Pea NVT (GRDC, DPIRD)

MIG also have a sandplain site located north of Mingenew of the Nangetty Walkaway Rd.

This site will include the following trials:

1. Long coleoptile wheat (MIG and CSIRO)
2. RR Canola (MIG)
3. Lupin NVT (GRDC, Living Farm)
4. Fungicide timing in wheat trial (CCDM and Kalyx)
5. Summit nutrition (Summit) 

There will be 7 variety demonstration sites incorporating wheat, barley and lupins throughout the district.

GRDC Trials
MIG will be working on 4 new Grains Research and Development Corporation trials in the 2018 season within the Geraldton Port Zone. These projects are 2 years in length and will be delivered by MIG and in conjunction with other Grower Groups from around the state.

Sodic Soil.
To evaluate possible strategies for growing more grain on soils that have been identified as sodic at depth, specifically in the medium-low rainfall environments

MIG are running 4 trials throughout the Geraldton Port Zone, with the project aim of looking at  the use of best district practice to assist the decision making of growers in the port zones of WA. To develop rules of thumb for profitable and productive cropping enterprises in the GRDC Western Region. Trial site locations include Mingenew, Morawa, Three Springs and Yuna.

Ripper Guage
This project is a collaboration with the West Midlands Group. Ripping treatments will be compared to evaluate the grain yield and economic benefit of soil amelioration and controlled traffic practices on a broad range of soil types across the grain growing region of WA. These trial sites are located in Mingenew, Morawa, Three Springs and Yuna.

Demonstrating Legume Crops
This project is a collaboration with the Liebe Group. The aim of the demonstration is to give growers access to agronomy packages for pulses/legumes that will assist them in determining if particular legumes are profitable in their system. Trial sites are located west of Mingenew and in Yuna.

In addition to the GRDC Funded trials, MIG also has a Northern Agricultural Catchments Council trial looking at the succesful establishment of Serradella on Sandplain. This trial is has been sown North of Mingenew.